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It’s no coincidence that you’re here.


With my coaching expertise and real-life experiences, I help you achieve the things you’ve always wanted out of life but haven’t yet dared to tackle.

I provide the support and encouragement you deserve, while also holding you accountable.

Coaching tailored to you.

You are one of a kind, unlike anyone else in the world. As a unique individual with your own challenges and experiences, your dreams and goals are distinct.

I do not provide a one-size-fits-all coaching approach. I create a coaching experience that is as individual as you are.

What I specialize in:

LGBTQ+ Self Acceptance

As a gay man who has walked this path, I intimately understand the journey of self-love and acceptance. My coaching practice is founded on the principle of inclusivity and I welcome clients of all identities and sexualities with open arms.


Healing from Toxic & Narcissistic Relationships

I'll empower your healing journey with trauma-informed coaching. My clients discovered resilience, reclaimed self-worth, and found joy after toxic relationships. I provide personalized coaching for holistic healing and identity establishment.  

I am dedicated to empowering individuals who are seeking a new professional path filled with passion and purpose. Having made multiple career changes myself, I understand that it can be a daunting and overwhelming process, often accompanied by uncertainty and self-doubt. 

Career Changes

Leadership Development

With my specialty in leadership development, my focus centers on helping leaders cultivate authenticity and presence. I work closely with leaders to enhance their self-awareness, align their actions with their values, and develop a genuine leadership style that inspires and engages others. 

See what others have to say.

“In the very first meeting with Dragan, he made me feel safe and I was able to open up to him right away...Thanks Dragan for all your help, thanks to you I’m in a better place mentally and emotionally.”

- Alejandra

- Jake

"...Dragan’s coaching is refreshingly positive. He makes me feel comfortable, safe, and is gifted with a genuine understanding about human interactions...I am sincerely thankful to Dragan, and highly recommend him. " 

- John

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