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Hi, I'm Dragan.

Experienced transformational coach here to help you step into the best version of you. Let’s make your ‘one day’ your day one.


My Mission

As a coach, I create a safe and inclusive space where individuals of all backgrounds can explore their own identities, break free from societal expectations, and live authentically. By shedding light on your shadows, I aim to help you foster a life filled with joy, love, and fulfillment.

My Background

Born and raised in war-torn Bosnia, I witnessed the devastating impact of conflict, which fueled my determination to rise above adversity and pursue a life of purpose. Along the way, I have experienced various transformations, both personal and professional, that have shaped me into the compassionate and empathetic coach I am today.

As a gay man who has embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery and authenticity, I have experienced the transformative power of embracing my true identity. I intimately understand the challenges and triumphs that come with accepting one's authentic self and can provide sound guidance along the way.

My Experience

I understand the challenges of the corporate world and can help you navigate them. Professionally, I have held multiple roles (recruiter, agile coach, agile program lead, manager, etc.) that have allowed me to develop a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics.

I lived in a reality of constantly feeling the need to prove myself. On paper, I was getting ahead and climbing the corporate ladder, though deep down, I was never truly satisfied. The goal post seemed to move further away with each milestone I made.

Eventually, it became apparent that I needed to get clear about what I really wanted. It was up to me to create a life that felt authentic and joyful. Going through this process made me realize I was most in my light when guiding others to find their light too. This is exactly why I started coaching.

Continuing to Learn

In the pursuit of further enchancing my coaching abilities, I made the decision to obtain my Masters in Organization Development and Leadership at Fielding Graduate University. This experience has equipped me with advanced knowledge in areas such as change management, leadership development, and organizational culture.

By combining my professional experience in various roles with my academic pursuits, I have developed a holistic understanding of organizational dynamics and leadership principles. This unique blend of practical expertise and theoretical knowledge positions me to drive meaningful change within organizations, fostering growth and success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Coaching Accreditation

As an ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach), I have undergone rigorous training and assessment to ensure that I meet the highest professional coaching standards. This accreditation is a testament to my dedication to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals, fostering personal and professional growth, and adhering to the strict code of ethics and conduct set by the ICF.

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