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Client Stories

I started coaching with Dragan when I was unsure about my career. I didn’t know if I had made the right choice and truly wasn’t happy. In the very first meeting with Dragan, he made me feel safe and I was able to open up to him right away. Dragan heard me out, and asked me some questions. At the end of the session I didn’t realized I had self-discover so many things I was not aware of myself. I felt like a huge weight had lifted and I felt focus and clear on what I needed to do next. I couldn’t wait for my next session! During my next session, Dragan as a great coach asked the right questions and I discovered even more about myself, things that I had carried from my childhood. It just amazed me to learn that some habits I have as an adult and the way I am comes from far back in my life. By being aware of this, it helped me tremendously identify next steps and how to deal with certain situations. Thanks Dragan for all your help, thanks to you I’m in a better place mentally and emotionally.

- Alejandra

In December 2022, I eliminated an extremely toxic person from my life. He is the quintessential definition of a narcissist. During the last seven years, and more specifically the past couple of years my husband and I introduced some of our friends to the narcissist. 

I rocked the boat, suddenly, I became the “bad guy,” for not going along with the trouble making and toxic behavior exhibited by the narcissist, and was scapegoated by the group that we basically introduced him to. I reached out to Dragan for some support and guidance in January 2023.

Dragan’s coaching is very insightful, it’s given me a healthier perspective on life, and has allowed me to develop tools to overcome the narcissist, and the overall destructive dynamics within the entire group: Lingering negative effects, frustration, unhappy feelings, anger, and self-doubt. Narcissist’s love “people pleasers,” and they will hone in on them. With Dragan’s support I am less of a people pleaser! Dragan helped me identify that the more I did for him, the more I accommodated him, the more I put myself and my life second the worse it will get. With Dragan’s coaching I learned getting rid of toxic people from my life gives me the time and energy to develop my own path forward. No longer am I endlessly burden or stressed out about doing and accommodating a narcissist, no longer worried about being singled out, or rejected. This newfound freedom gives me the necessary time, support, and positive energy to advance my own interests, desires, and create a new journey forward. 

Dragan always asks the tough questions, and he gets me to think beyond the superficial or easy solutions. He gets me to dig deeper and find the core feelings, issues, or what is actually right for me, and being honest. He empowers me to overcome adversity, think differently, and to not immediately react, which at times is still difficult to do.        

Dragan’s coaching is refreshingly positive. He makes me feel comfortable, safe, and is gifted with a genuine understanding about human interactions. Indeed, his coaching has supported me as I overcame adversity, and more importantly he has helped me free myself from a toxic narcissistic relationship. I am sincerely thankful to Dragan, and highly recommend him.   

- John

I found the coaching sessions Dragan provided to be very helpful to me as I try to deal with various self-defeating behaviors that have held me back professionally. He provided me with guidance on how I can overcome these behaviors in a positive manner. Most importantly, he did this by helping me find the answers myself rather than giving them to me -  a mark of an excellent coach. Overall, I found my experience working with Dragan to be a very positive experience.

- Brian

I began working with Dragan as I was gearing up for a career change. Every day was a struggle as I suffered through a job that did not align with my interests and talents. Dragan helped me take the risks necessary to get me to where I needed and wanted to be. He taught me to take ownership of my future and stop living the life others wanted for me. By being held accountable, I made big changes and am thrilled to be in a fulfilling career now. I'm grateful for Dragan's kindness and realness and look forward to working with him again in the future.

- Jake

I had the opportunity to work with Dragan as a coach when I was at a point in my career that I wanted to figure out my next path forward. My time with Dragan was extremely helpful to figure that out. Without Dragan's help I would not have made the leap to change my work so drastically and I am much happier with my new path. I highly recommend Dragan. If you are looking for a significant, positive transformation in your life he's a great person to help guide that change.

- Karl

I hit rock bottom in every conceivable way: mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and physically.

After 12 years and two relationships with narcissists, I felt like what washes up on the shore after a seemingly endless storm at sea. Each of my partners exhibited polar opposite narcissist types, but their effect was cumulative and enormously damaging.

Gaslighting, overwhelming self-doubt, non-existent boundaries, a constant sense of distrust and confusion, unexplained physical symptoms, and isolation from friends were just some of the many issues I was coming to grips with. Perhaps worst of all, I felt so dissociated from my emotions because of countless traumatic experiences that I did not know how communicate to anyone.

I was already engaged in traditional therapy for some time. We worked through childhood and adolescent experiences/conflicts which informed my adulthood. With time, I was able to connect the dots and make the necessary connections to understand the WHY OF ME NOW. But here I was at my lowest point with that knowledge and what I needed was an answer to WHAT DO I DO NOW?

Enter Dragan Mitric, a personal life coach recommended by a friend. I knew nothing about life coaching. Two things compelled me to try it: 1) I needed to get “unstuck” from feeling helpless and 2) after just one preliminary session I felt SAFE given Dragan’s sincerity, confidence, and desire to partner (and not remain aloof like a therapist) in the growth journey I was considering.

Since my first session, that feeling of safety and partnership with Dragan allowed me to reconnect with my emotions and address the narcissist abuse in a supportive comforting space. He told me at the start I am capable, whole, and resourceful. Many months later, I am truly living those concepts having been able to discuss ANY ISSUE and MAKE PROGRESS focusing on what I needed in each session and reaching my desired goals.

It is not an understatement that working with Dragan was the catalyst that finally wrenched me away from endless damaging cycles of interpersonal relationships. With re-established boundaries, informed empathy, and an understanding of what is in my control, I feel empowered with an ever-evolving identity and pride.

My journey will continue, setbacks will occur, the external world will always present challenges and new lessons which I now understand as opportunities. I know I will experience these and take that which has most meaning in partnership with Dragan.

For anyone who says to themselves “I think I know the WHY, but WHAT do I do about it?”, I cannot recommend a better life coach, resource, or partner in lasting personal growth than Dragan Mitric.

- Tom

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